Time To Make A Change

Things do not change. We change. —HENRY DAVID THOREAU

Change Is Going To Come

Which would be better?  Change brought about by you or Change brought about by an event
Be totally committed.  Burn the boat so there is no retreat, only victory.
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
When you feel like quitting, think about why you started. Then keep going.

It takes 3 WEEKS for you to notice a change.

It takes 6 WEEKS for your friends to notice a change

It takes 12 WEEKS for the rest of the world to notice a change

It takes 1 second to start the journey to change

My Story.

Hello, my name is Randolph.  I am a father, son, brother, uncle, grandfather, entrepreneur, consultant, life coach, minister of Gods’ Word and a sweets fanatic. Being a sweets fanatic has led me to the point of making a change and to the creation of this site.  You either decide to make a change yourself or change is forced upon you by an event.

“Don’t wait for a life changing event to make a change” spoken by someone else that had a heart attack and almost died at age 37.

By its very definition, change indicates that things will be different and not remain the same..  The key is whether you effect the change or unwanted change is effected on you. When you effect change, you maintain control of when and how that change is effected. There were two main events that prompted me to start the process of changing something that I have been trying to change for years.  I had made progress, but I would slip back into my sweet tooth addiction. I loved sweet things.  Ice cream above all. I remember as a kid living in a small town that had an ice cream parlor that sold and delivered milk during the week and sold ice cream on Saturday and Sunday only. You could get one, two, or three scoops of either vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or a combination of any favors you wanted. The size of those scoops looked huge to me. It was the best tasting ice cream ever. Ever since my tongue licked that creamy delight, I have been hooked up to this point in my life when I made the decision to stop feeding my sweet tooth. Does anybody have a sweet tooth besides me? Click here to tell your story.

What was the catalyst that rocked my world of sweets?  It was an accumulation of small things that created my catalyst for change.

First, there was a visit to the doctor for a physical.  I’ve had physicals in the past, though not on a regular basis as I, like most men, hated going to see the doctor. During those previous visits, I was told that I was pre-diabetic. My numbers were low enough to keep me from officially being declared a diabetic – A warning which I had received before.  So, what I would do after getting the warning would be to play racquetball three times a week, walk and run 5 miles, go on a exercise regimen, and eat lots of vegetables and fish. I was playing with fire and had not gotten burnt yet.  This visit to the doctor was different.  They wanted to recheck my numbers. Why?  Because two days before going to the doctor I had a birthday and had polished off half a cake and a half gallon of ice cream on my own. My body was on sugar overload.  I knew what I had to do but I was not as young as I used to be and I am not exercising like I once was. Catalyst number one had presented itself.

Second catalyst was a documentary on sugar called ‘Sugar Coated’.  I found it on Netflix.  Of all the movies I could have watched on Netflix that night, I chose that documentary or maybe it chose me. When I sat down to choose a movie that night, I had a bowl of vanilla gelato with 4 ginger snap cookies.  I was ready to indulge in some sweetness.  I started watching the documentary and never tasted a spoonful of that delicious gelato or had a bit of the scrumptious ginger snap cookies.  The documentary was the final catalyst to me making the change of removing sugar from my diet. Watch the video below to see how I started my change; the documentary is pictured below as well.  The Journey to Change has begun.  Click HERE for the rest of the story

Focus On Your Change, Not Someone Else's Change

Hey everyone!

I am excited, happy and extremely grateful that you are interacting with the site. My wish for you is that this site will be in some way a catalyst for change in your life and mine. You are not alone in your quest for change. Some changes can happen instantly; most change is a journey.  When we go on a journey, short or long, there is always some preparation we have to make. That preparation can take a few minutes, days, weeks, months or years, depending on the journey you are about to embark upon.  On this site there will be a number of different journeys you can go on that will empower you to make the change or changes you want to bring about in your life.

Look at the picture directly above. What item draws your attention? When you ask a friend to look at it, they will most likely focus on something entirely different than you did.  When we start on our journey to change, we must focus on our change and not on someone else’s change because the change they need to focus on is most likely totally different than our change.  START YOUR JOURNEY TO CHANGE TODAY!!!

I have experienced three types of changes in my life.  The first is immediate change, unwanted, undesired, out of nowhere, painful change.  This type of change is forced upon you.  A layoff, an accident, a death, I need my space, I found somebody new, a doctors call back, a denial. You have experienced an immediate change in your life if you have lived long enough. Making this type of change is painful. It was’t our decision to make this change, we were not prepared for it. We didn’t start the change and we couldn’t stop it, for it had already happened. So what happens next? A decision or decisions are made based on the change that has taken place. This is the most unwanted, unpleasant, undesired change any of us will experience. The decision or decisions we make will take us in a new direction, causing us to either modify our behavior or bring us to a new realization, that must be acted upon.  ACT TODAY!  START YOUR JOURNEY TO CHANGE WITH ME TODAY.

The next type of change I have experienced is gradual change, such as, gaining weight, losing weight, attitude, waning of love for something, someone or specific interest, aging, acquired appreciation. This change happens knowingly and unknowingly. This change usually happens in front of our eyes, with no conscious effort on our part to make the change. We don’t usually consciously start a gradual change, it just happens. If we recognize, that the change is happening we can make a conscious decision to either stop or continue the change. There is usually some degree of discomfort associated with this type of change. Once again, when you realize that the change is either taking place now or has taken place, a decision has to be made to either continue the change or stop the current change and start a new journey of change. That last sentence is a mouthful-I know.

The last type of change I have experienced is the change that I decided to make, to see happen, to do, to create, to manifest, to influence. I decided if it would be immediate or gradual. It’s not forced upon me, I welcomed it because of the positive life changing affects it would have on my life and the lives of those around me.  The positive, life changing results will far out weigh any discomfort felt while making the change, such as, a promotion, marriage proposal, career change, pregnancy confirmation. There must be a compelling reason for you to make the decision to change. It doesn’t have to be a life or death reason. It can be a light weight reason or a heavy metal reason. Whatever your catalyst for change is, it must be compelling.  DO YOU HAVE THAT COMPELLING CATALYST IN YOUR LIFE NOW?  START MAKING THE CHANGE TODAY.

Five years ago, I made the decision to change some things in my life in order to complete a goal. I knew that there was going to be some pain and discomfort associated with the changes that I had to make in order to achieve my goal. I assumed, that the achievement of my goal would be worth it and it was. My goal was to run the 4th of July Atlanta Peachtree road race, without stopping or walking. Even while in the military (which is another story about change). I have never purposely run that far in my life. I had seen the race on TV, read about it online, heard people talk about their experiences, struggles, and triumphs in preparing for and running the race. You might ask what was my reason or catalyst for making the decision to change my schedule, eating habits, sleeping habits and exercise regimen in order to reach my goal. First, I must say that I had been going through some struggles in my life and was not feeling a tremendous amount of self worth or accomplishment in my life and I needed to do something that would give me that feeling again, if only for a short time. I needed to do this because if I did not, things would get worse not better. I had to do it, I felt compelled to do it in my mind, body and spirit. I knew at that moment that I needed to take action on the compelling need that I felt and I did so by registering for the marathon before the deadline. There is always a deadline for you to make a decision or you will miss out on the opportunity. No one knows what the future holds for them, so when the opportunity presents itself, take it.  I URGE YOU TO REGISTER FOR YOUR JOURNEY TO CHANGE TODAY.  ITS YOUR TIME.

You know that there is going to be some pain and discomfort in making the needed changes. I ran track in high school and college. I was fast but no olympian. I wasn’t fast enough to make the college team, so from experience I knew that I would need to change my behavior, my habits and exercise discipline in pursuit of my goal. My state of mind, the circumstances I had been through, the feelings of doubt, low self esteem, and the need to change those things compelled me to make the decision to change.  It’s not that I have never had successes in my life because I have. I have won races, been on championship teams, owned my own business, received performance awards as an executive, coached and trained people to successful outcomes.  Howerver that was all in the past. This was my now. Small successes and accomplishments have the same effect on your body, mind and spirit as a huge accomplishment does. The same chemical reaction happens in your body for either one. Your mind processes them as a success and accomplishment and your spirit is lifted. Large or small successes have an effect on us. As you probably already suspect, things didn’t go as planned for my preparation. I didn’t get all the sleep I needed, I had an injury that hindered me from training, it would rain on days I planned to train or it would be 90 degrees outside on the days I could train. To make a long story short, I paid the price, I ran the race all the way and finished. To this day, the decision I was compelled to make that changed my body, mind and spirit has been a great benefit to me and others. The pain and discomfort that I felt while making the change was completely (trumped, no pun intended) by the outcome of my beneficial changed behavior and habits. I felt great about myself when I finished that race. I had set a goal, I did the necessary work and I reaped the rewards, Hallelujah!

You too can make the changes you desire in your life. See a picture of my t-shirt  under the My Story tab above. Make the decision to change whatever it is that you have been wanting to change in or about your life. Do it today. Register here now to find out about your life changing 52 week journey to change. It may not take 52 weeks. Your change may happen in a day, 3 weeks or somewhere in between now and then. Your change will happen. We are here to support you on your journey to change. I had support while running that race and would not have completed it without it.  We will be with you on your journey to change and will be there to support you.  SIGN UP FOR THE JOURNEY NOW.

Make The Decision To Change Now

There Is Always A Destination  At The End Of The Tracks, No Matter Which Way You Go. Your Decision To Change Determines Your Final Destination.

If You Are Afraid Of Change, Think About The Alternative

In Order For You To Make The Change You Need, You May Have To Sacrifice Your Current Life For The Life You Want


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