Your health is a direct reflection of your eating habits. Change the way you eat to change the condition of your health.

Water is the foundation of your health. You can only survive 3-5 days without it. Change your health for the better; drink more water.

Life Force

Simply put, water is the most critical, necessary, life sustaining liquid that you should supply your body. Supply it in the amounts that your body needs and your body will flourish like a well watered flower.

Give your body no water or less water than it needs and your body will shrivel up and die.

Time to change what you drink the most.

Things you may not know about water.

  1. Water helps reduce your blood pressure. When you are not drinking enough water your blood thicken. Since it is 90 percent water , the less water you drink the thicker your blood becomes and the higher your blood pressure.
  2. Water carries waste out of your cells. Every cell in your body eliminates waste and if there is not enough water in your body to help the cells eliminate waste they become constipated, backed up with waste, unhealthy and inefficient. If you are sluggish, one reason is because your cells are sluggish.
  3. Water is to your kidneys what water is to your toilet. So think what is happening to your body when you are not giving your kidneys enough water to flush them.